Stainless Steel Hitch Mounts For Cars, Trucks, RVs

Tow Up to 600 lb. Motorcycle

eBike Carrier 200 lb. Capacity

Hitch Lift 375 lb. Load Limit

MoTow ... for Wherever You Go!

Now take a family vacation and bring your motorcycle!

Now easily transport your heavy eBikes!

Now, never leave your scooter at home again!

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Motorcycle Tow Hitch

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Motorcycle Tow Hitch

Installation Video

Motorcycle Tow Hitch with Motorized Lift

See it towing on a highway

Double eBike/Bicycle Carrier

Installation Video

Hitch Lift and Double eBike/Bicycle Carrier

Installation Video

Double eBike and Bike Carrier

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  • Fully assembled so takes minutes to install
  • Work with 1-1/4" and 2” Hitch Class I, II, III, IV
  • Can attach virtually any 2" hitch mounted carrier to either Hitch Lift,
    load from ground and lift


  • Easy installation
  • Just roll it in or hook it up - One person loading from ground
  • Simple to Lift heavy loads - Motorcycle Tow Hitch up to
    600 lb. capacity; Double eBike/Bicycle Carrier 200 lb. load limit;
    Hitch Lift 375 lb. load limit; Scooter Carrier 375 lb. load limit
  • Lifts have 12” to 16” of travel
  • All lifts can be Motorized, 2 pin connector to vehicle wire harness
    or portable battery
  • Disassemble quickly and store in trunk or closet when you
    don't need it


  • All products easily disassembled, 1 to 3 pieces
  • Tow hitches weigh 35-44 lbs.
  • Double eBike/Bicycle Carrier weighs 27 lbs.
  • Hitch Lift weigh 23 lbs.
  • Scooter Carrier weighs 33 lbs.


  • Tow motorcycle from the rear wheel for the safety of the drive shaft
  • Curb impact slot - lifts up to 2”
  • Anti-Wobble Stabilizer on Double eBike/Bicycle Carrier
  • Wheel and safety straps rated 6,600 lbs. breaking strength
  • Wheel straps and ratchets, handlebar straps and ratchets
    included with Motorcycle Tow Hitch and Scooter Carrier
  • Hitch Safety Strap and Reflective Flags included with Tow Hitch
  • Scratch-free - eBikes/bicycles won’t touch when traveling

Long Distances and Life

  • Highway tested thousands of miles
  • Tow and carry for long distances
  • Rust free Stainless Steel


  • Motorcycle Tow Hitch turns with your bike up to 150 degrees so turning and backing up is easy
  • All rear wheels are not the same - motorcycle cradle sized for your rear wheel. Trikes included
  • Double eBike Carrier accommodates up to 5" fat tires
  • Receiver adjustable 0” to 5” up and down for hitch heights 10” to 21”
  • Hitch Lift accepts virtually any 2” hitch mounted carrier
  • Tilt up or down


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