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MoTow Motorcycle Tow Hitch Fixed

for Hitch Heights 16″ to 17″ – Travels 12″ – Weighs 35 lbs.
Rear Wheel Tow Hitch Safe for Drive Shaft 600 lb. capacity – Pivots 150 degrees




  • Made 100% in the USA
  • Lab and highway tested
  • For Hitch Height 16″ to 17″ only; see Adjustable Systems for other hitch heights; (for RV, see MoTow® 24″ Adjustable)
  • Travels 12″
  • Can handle motorcycles weighing up to 600 lbs. on Class II, III and IV hitch
  • Stainless Steel Lift and Customized Rear Wheel Cradle
  • High fender on motorcycle rear wheel needed (minimum 15″ clearance)
  • 1 person loading from ground
  • Rear Wheel Towing for safety of motorcycle drive shaft
  • Pivots 150 degrees
  • Works with all 2″ receiver hitch Class II, III, IV
  • Use regular 18V drill on low speed to raise and lower (Motorized lift available; see Accessory)
  • Weighs 35 lbs.


  • MoTow® Lift and Cradle with Fixed Receiver, customized for rear wheel towing (see below)
  • Hitch Safety Strap and Wheel Straps rated 6,600 lb. breaking strength, 1,100 lb. working load
  • 15/16 Socket
  • Handlebar Strap Sets
  • Reflective Flags
  • Grease Packet
  • Installation Instructions
  • Free Accessory Bag
  • Free Shipping US & Canada (ship worldwide)

Rear Tire Size:  Please enter your rear tire size so we can customize your MoTow® Tow Hitch.  Contact us if tire size greater than 200.

Additional information

Weight 39 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 12 in

15 reviews for MoTow Motorcycle Tow Hitch Fixed

  1. Christopher

    This is such an awesome product! Thank you so much. Absolutely works amazing and exactly what I was looking for.

  2. jack

    well made easy to use

  3. Joe A

    works great love it

  4. Emil

    towed 1,250 miles worked like a charm

  5. anonymous

    towed my trike no problem give it 5 stars

  6. lisaloveslife

    I didn’t realize how much extra I was spending on gas to tow my YZF on the trailer until I used Motow. And I didnt need any help getting it on or off.

  7. Hamid E.L.B.

    Works great worth the investment towed my Ducati 900 I did not even know I was towing anything!
    Very satisfied.

  8. A Satisfied Customer

    I just towed my Kawasaki ZX12r from Ohio to Maggie Valley NC, and back. This tool has been a great investment, and I’m pleased to say, “What a Great Innovative Accessory”…Gave me peace of mind when towing at hwy speeds and through the twisties of I-40 near Maggie Valley…Rock Solid Tow! Thank You!

  9. Alli

    A great tow for my bike! Very easy to use with No issues setting up or taking apart, My questions were addressed immediately. Great customer service. Thank you! Highly recommend.

  10. Scott

    another successful 900 mile run from Galveston, Texas to Santa Fe, New Mexico using my MOTOW towing apparatus. The Ducati [Multistrada] was totally loaded with bags and a tire change.

  11. Lyds (verified owner)

    This is the best motorcycle towing equipment Ive ever had. I used it frequently towing and delivering motorcycle to our costumer. I shipped this product to the Philippines and its been very helpful as far as delivering motorcycle to buyers home. Perfect product for motorcycle shop in the Philippines.

  12. Kevin McCracken (verified owner)

    We used this tow chock to tow our Yamaha Majesty with our MB Sprinter and it towed really nicely (we could watch it in our back-up camera). We bought the RV tow style and its pretty nifty how easy it was to take the bike off and set it back on the Sprinter. Over our 1250 mile trip out east we stopped many times to visit an area on the scooter. Also it was handy to be able to open one side of our van’s rear door even with the scooter on the tow. Customer service folks walked me through our first mounting/setup using the tow, which was really helpful.

  13. Kevin McCracken (verified owner)

    We used this tow hitch for our Yamaha Majesty with our MB Sprinter using the the RV style hitch and it towed our scooter nicely (we watched via our rear view camera). But we always drive under 70 mph so not sure above that. On our 1250 mile trip out east this fall we removed the bike many times to visit the area. One plus for us was that we were able to open one side of our rear door while the scooter was mounted. One person can mount or unmount the scooter but at first it’s nice to have help. We had called the customer service folks and Diana(?) walked us through the process of how to properly attach our bike, which was very helpful. This tow hitch was our solution to not having to tow a trailer and we would recommend it to those wanting the same.

  14. Andrew Shepherd (verified owner)

    Nothing but good things to say about this device. Perfect for easy loading and more than even the product itself, the customer support has been incredibly accommodating and helpful. Would highly recommend.

  15. Oliver Kim (verified owner)

    Just by the costumer service, you already know you are getting a quality product thank you highly recommend this product !!!

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